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“Painting & Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer”
is now seen on 176 PBS stations nationwide

Join artist Roger Bansemer and narrator Sarah Shurcliff Bansemer on an artistic journey of travel and painting on location throughout the country. This PBS series, “Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer” is now being aired nationwide on over 176 stations.

Painting & Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer brings viewers out of the art studio and into the natural world, combining popular public television genres of art and travel. Roger’s technical know-how and experience in videography translates well from the canvas to the screen with his fine instructional skills and observations about the world of painting and art. Sarah rounds out the program with her thoughtful interviews as they take the back roads discovering out of the way places and famous landmarks.


Here is one of our full half hour shows for you to enjoy.
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