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It's often hard to relate to what was going on in the world at the time lighthouses were built.
This time line will dates some events in relation to the lighthouses.
Listed lighthouses are from the South.

1730 Tybee Island (first lighthouse)
1732 Ben Franklin publishes "Poor Richard’s Almanac
1767 Charleston (first lighthouse)
1773 Tybee Island (second lighthouse)

1769 James Watt patented the steam engine
1776 Declaration of Independence signed
1770 Ludwig van Beethoven was born
1783 First manned balloon flight by the Montgolfier Brothers
1788 Georgia becomes the 4th state
1788 South Carolina becomes the 8th state
1789 North Carolina becomes the 12th state
1789 George Washington elected president
1790 Ben Franklin dies
1798 United States Navy established
1799 George Washington dies
1803 Cape Hatteras (first lighthouse)
1804 Lewis and Clark expedition
1815 Battle of Waterloo
1817 Henry David Thoreau was born.
1824 St. Augustine Lighthouse (first lighthouse)
1825 Dry Tortugas Lighthouse
1825 Cape Florida Lighthouse
1825 Key West Lighthouse (first lighthouse)

1825 Erie Canal completed
1825 Garden Key Lighthouse (first)
1830 First railroad in America
1830 St. Johns River (first lighthouse)
1833 Cape St. George Lighthouse (first)
1834 Ponce de Leon Lighthouse (first)

1838 Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from the Appalachian mountains
1839 Amelia Island Lighthouse (present)
1842 St. Marks Lighthouse (present)

1844 Baha’i Faith established
1845 Florida becomes the 27th state
1848 Key West Lighthouse (present)
1848 Egmont Key Lighthouse (first)
1848 Cockspur Island Lighthouse

1848 Cape Canaveral Lighthouse (first)

1850 First cross state railway in Florida from Cedar Key to Amelia Island
1852 Carysfort Reef Lighthouse
1852 Cape St. George Lighthouse (present)
1853 Sand Key Lighthouse
1854 Cedar Key Lighthouse

1858 Egmont Key Lighthouse (present)
1858 Sombrero Reef Lighthouse
1858 Pensacola Lighthouse (present)

1859 Charles Darwin published "The Origin of the Species"
1859 St. Johns River Lighthouse (Mayport)
1860 Jupiter Lighthouse

1861 Abraham Lincoln becomes president
1861 Civil War began
1863 Henry Ford born
1862 Merrimack sunk while in battle with the Monitor
1863 Gettysburg Address
1865 Civil War ends
1867 Tybee Island (present lighthouse)
1868 Cape Canaveral Lighthouse (present)
1876 Garden Key Lighthouse (present)
1878 Fowey Rocks Lighthouse
1887 Ponce de Leon Lighthouse (present)

1869 Union and Central Pacific railroad meets in Promontory, Utah joining east and west
1871 Cape Hatteras (present lighthouse)
1872 Bodie Island lighthouse (present)
1873 Alligator Reef Lighthouse
1874 St. Augustine Lighthouse (present)

1875 Currituck Beach lighthouse (present)
1875 Hunting Island lighthouse (present)

1877 Edison invents the phonograph
1882 Edison opens first electric power plant
1883 Brooklyn Bridge completed
1884 Sanibel Island Lighthouse
1885 Crooked River Lighthouse
1885 Cape San Blas Lighthouse (present)

1885 First practical automobile built by Carl Benz
1885 George Eastman marketed his first camera
1886 Statue of Liberty dedicated
1887 Anclote Key lighthouse
1889 The Eiffel Tower built
1890 Hilton Head (first lighthouse)
1890 Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

1892 Ellis Island established for immigration processing
1898 Spanish-American war
1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes president
1903 Wright Brothers first flight
1904 Subway construction begins in NY
1907 Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse
1908 Ford Model T went into production
1812 War of 1812 between the US and Great Britian
1913 First talking picture
1914 World War I began
1920 Women win the right to vote
1920s Commercial airlines started
1927 Garparilla Island Lighthouse
1931 Empire State building
1937 Hindenburg explodes
1948 Roger Bansemer was born (that's me)
1950 Korean War began
1954 St. Johns Lightstation
1970 Hilton Head (present harbor light)