Journey to Titanic by Roger Bansemer

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Titanic book by Roger Bansemer
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Journey to Titanic by Roger Bansemer

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see the Titanic first hand, Roger Bansemer's book will take you there. Filled with his unique artwork and personal narrative this book is sure to be a collectors item.

James Cameron writes in his foreword:

 ďRogerís images and words will allow the reader to feel as if they have been on the voyage themselves, spent time with these people, and made the ultimate deep dive to the grave of the great liner herself. No one who sees the wreck of Titanic leaves that place unchanged, and this book conveys that experience beautifully.Ē

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Journey to Titanic by Roger Bansemer

Titanic - Mir submersible

Journey to Titanic by Roger Bansemer


Artist Roger Bansemer gets an unexpected invitation to dive two and a half miles down into the Atlantic to the site of one of the most famous shipwrecks in history. Armed with his artistís eye and insight, he embarks on an expedition on a Russian research ship to the Titanic. In this compelling journal, Bansemerís writing and stunning visual work bring us into the adventure, relaying the colorful characters on the expedition, the history and past grandeur of the Titanic, and the aching beauty of the shipís underwater remains.

Bansemer became the 112th person to dive to the Titanic, the sixth person under the stern, and the first artist to have painted Titanic on site. This book chronicles his journey in a mixture paintings, photos, and digitally-painted images. He almost didnít make it out to the site as a hurricane churning in the southeast Atlantic kept him in St. Johnís, Newfoundland, waiting. But an artist uses his time to observe and paint, and his love of painting nature and lighthouses thus play their part in this book too. Then his lifelong fascination with painting ships takes over as he sails out to the research vessel Keldysh. All the details of the adventure, the wondrous submersible Mir, and finally the ghostly remains of the Titanic appear from the artistís brush.

 Journey to Titanic by Roger Bansemer