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A few select original paintings from Roger Bansemer's book Journey to Titanic are still available to collectors. Bansemer is known around the world for his artistic skills and is considered on of America's premier nautical and lighthouse painters. These works of art are true collectors items and are generally priced higher than other Bansemer paintings because of the historical circumstances from which they were created. The paintings are for those who want a distinctive and unique work in their Titanic collection from and artist/author who has actually spent time on the ocean floor with this great ship during the 2000 and 2005 expeditions.

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This painting was done by artist & author Roger Bansemer for his book "Journey to Titanic." Bansemer actually dove on the Titanic in August of 2000 which inspired the painting and the book. It is titled "Titanic's Last Day," and is available as a limited edition print. The original measures 17.5 x 28 inches. It is matted and has a deep frame. The outer dimensions including the frame are 23 x 42 inches Price on request.

A limited edition print is also available, click here for more details.

Bansemer created this painting after having been in the Russian submersible, Mir 1 on a dive to the Titanic in August 2000. The dive lasted over 13 hours and Roger was the 112th person to have ever visited the site. The original painting measures 3x5 feet and is done in acrylic on canvas. The painting was used in the Bansemer's book "Journey to Titanic." The painting was also on display for several months at the Titanic exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Price on request.
Titanic with Mir at Bow Roger Bansemer created this painting for his book, "Journey to Titanic" and this was Mr. Bansemer's first view of the Titanic after having descended 12,500 feet to where the ship rests. The original painting measures 3x5 feet and is done with acrylic on canvas. Price on request.


Titanic painting
This is a very special small painting done by artist and author Roger Bansemer . To our knowledge, it is the first painting that was ever painted of the Titanic on the spot where Titanic sank. It wasn't painted while on the bottom, but directly above the Titanic while Bansemer was on the research vessel Keldysh in August 2000.
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The stamp in the upper left was the official stamp of the Mir I which included the names the pilot, copilot, the artist, the latitude, longitude, date, depth, etc.and was signed by the three that were onboard. Six of these paintings, all very similar were made while over the Titanic and a several are still available. The mat would have a remarque (small pencil drawing) as well as an actual chip of metal from the Titanic itself attached to an insert in the mat. Price on request.

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Artist Roger Bansemer on his dive to the Titanic not only got to visit the bow of the ship but also got to spend a few moments under the stern. A place very few people have ever been.  The painting is done in acrylic on illustration board and measures 25 x 16 inches. It is matted and framed and the size including the frame measures 29 x 38 inches. Price on request.

This painting is done in acrylic on illustration board. Presently this painting is unframed.

Price $2400

A drawing by artist & author Roger Bansemer that was used in his book "Journey to Titanic"
This original drawing is done in pencil on illustration board. Price on request.