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1880 Town / The Horseman / Fort Mose

1880 Town

Murdo, South Dakota

Sarah visits 1880 Town, originally built as a movie set for a Western then later moved to Jackson County South Dakota where it’s become a History Museum attraction filled with antiques and artifacts from the old West. Using acrylics Roger paints a scene of rustic wagons in a barn with instruction on how to paint soft light filtering in the barn and the advantages of a limited palette along with the tips on how to make complex subjects managable using large areas as a basis.

The Horseman

Palm Coast, Florida

Sarah goes to the Florida Agricultural Museum in Palm Coast, Florida to meet an experienced horseman and hear about his 30 year career as a jockey. Jack expresses his love of horses and passion for racing. Roger takes close-up photos of Jack and use acrylics to paint his portrait and demonstrates several practical ways to transfer the photo to your canvas. Mixing accurate colors and the procedure for layering with thin washes is explained in order to build the image into a finished portrait. View this painting in the gallery.

Fort Mose

St. Augustine, Florida

Sarah visits an important National Historical landmark on the Florida Black Heritage Trail in St. Augustine. A Florida living history expert describes the foods of the day and the reason that Fort Mose was built in 1738 for freed slaves. Roger sketches his subject on location and then using oils on canvas, paints a woman in period costume cooking an autumn feast over an open fire. View this painting in the gallery.

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