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1931 Cord / Fatty’s Antique Auto – Part 1 & 2

1931 Cord / Fatty's Antique Auto - Part 1 & 2 DVD

Fatty’s Antique Auto – Part 1

Amelia Island, Florida

In his studio, Roger uses acrylics to paint a 30×40″ canvas of an antique car once owned by famous silent screen star Fatty Arbuckle. Starting with a toned background of Burnt Umber, the basic lay in of the numerous car parts is painted one at a time until most of the canvas is covered. Sarah talks with the cars current owner about the history of the car and the habits and personality of Fatty Arbuckle during the Concours d’Elegance.

Fatty’s Antique Auto – Part 2

Amelia Island, Florida

Keeping the background simple without distracting from the automobile, Roger continues work on the painting and starts the process of adding details. He discusses the challenges and solutions of adding the look of chrome with its many reflections. At the Concours d’Elegance in Amelia Island, Sarah talks with NFL football coach Dick Vermeil about his beautifully restored 1920’s racing car.

1931 Cord

Auburn, Indiana

Roger and Sarah visit the Auburn, Cord, Dusenberg Museum where Roger sets up his easel in the museum to paint a fabulous antique automobile. The basic colors of the car are applied to the Masonite panel before any reflections and details are added. As the painting progresses, Roger describes the process of achieving realistic looking reflections from the chrome headlights and spoke wheels. The museum director takes Sarah on a tour of the museum where many of the Auburn’s were designed, engineered, and sold years ago.

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