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Alligator Creek / The Shed / Heritage Village

Alligator Creek / The Shed / Heritage Village DVD

Alligator Creek

Clearwater, Florida

Painting a small waterfall and surrounding landscape at Roger’s studio is the subject of this demonstration. He uses an “S” curve to accentuate an interesting composition which leads the eye to the foreground. Darks and patterns of algae on the rocks are refined and the white water added last. Roger gives a tour and history of his antique wooden railroad caboose.

The Shed

Brooksville, Florida

Roger begins this painting by laying in very dark colors and values then builds the painting up using lighter and more intense colors finally putting on the bright green patches of sunlit grass. Roger describes his method for painting the rusty roof by first applying the blue color of the sky and then layering the rust colors over it to make a convincing look. Negative areas of sky are placed in the trees and finally small details are added in the shed and surrounding area.

Heritage Village

Largo, Florida

Roger shows the advantages and use of a projector to place an image onto the canvas. He then paints on location inside the historic old house. With the fast changing light through the window, Roger gets a first hand look at the subtle color changes to the walls and surrounding area caused by light reflecting off different objects in the room, something a camera cannot always pick up. Roger takes the painting back to the studio for finishing touches. Sarah walks around the village looking at the historic buildings filled with period correct furnishings and views the antique vehicles on display.

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