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Apalachicola / The Forgotten Coast / Marsh at Franklin County

Apalachicola / The Forgotten Coast / Marsh at Franklin County


Apalachicola, Florida

Filmed in the panhandle of Florida, Roger paints an old fishing boat on location in the bright midday sun. The boat is in disrepair but has lots of character adding to its charm. Roger describes and demonstrates a technique for accurately drawing the sweeping lines of a boat using a figure eight. Sarah talks with a resident who grew up in the charming waterfront village and learns about early tourism and the fishing trade.

The Forgotten Coast

East Point, Florida

Roger paints an old fishing shack in the small village of Eastpoint, just below Apalachicola. Starting with a Masonite board toned with Burnt Sienna, charcoal is used to block in the large areas of the composition. Attention is paid to the subtle colors of the early morning sky and the importance of placing lights against darks to create a strong image. East Point is where 90% of all oysters are harvested in Florida. Sarah visits one of the few remaining oyster processing plants and also nearby St. George Island to see the St. George Lighthouse.

Marsh at Franklin County

Carabelle, Florida

A marsh scene is the subject of this program. Roger sets up his easel on the second floor of a marina for an interesting vantage point. He explains the importance of painting the large shapes first before any details are added. Roger also talks about creating a sense of atmosphere and depth as the landscape recedes into the distance. Sarah goes out on a charter boat to nearby Dog Island and talks with the skipper about the natural beauty of the area, including waterways, marshes, shell hunting and fishing.

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