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Badlands / Cascade Falls / Ingwersen Barn

Badlands / Cascade Falls / Ingwersen Barn DVD

The Badlands

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Sarah and Roger drive through the rugged and rocky landscape of Badlands National Park where an ancient sea once covered what is now the Great Plains. In the studio, Roger uses acrylics to paint a stark landscape and after completing it decides to include sunflowers seen on their drive creating a more interesting foreground.

Cascade Falls

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Sarah talks with artist Neil Sherman in his Grand Marais studio about his passion for plein air painting even during the snowy winter months. Neil and Roger paint at the Cascade River State Park. Roger creates a 18×24″ canvas of the falls back in his Florida studio demonstrating the techniques he uses for the rocks and rushing water.

The Ingwersen Barn

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

The studio of well know portrait artist, James Ingwersen is visited. Sarah talks to him about his long career and love of portraiture. Roger sets up his easel in the backyard and paints Jim’s barn and silo demonstrating the need to work quickly to keep up with the fading afternoon light. The painting is finished in Roger’s studio where small details and refinements are made.

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