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Burning Man – Center Camp / Burning Man / Tavares Boat Show

Burning Man-Center Camp / Burning Man / Tavares Boat Show DVD

Burning Man – Center Camp

Black Rock City, Nevada

Filmed in Nevada during the famous Burning Man Festival, Roger paints a scene inside the crowded center camp tent putting the focus on light and quickly changing color as the early morning sun glows through the canvas. Surrounded by activity, he works quickly to capture figures in motion. Sarah rides on the fantastic “Neverwas Haul” vehicle and talks with the designer about the festival and his incredible two story Jules Verne looking mode of transportation.

Burning Man

Black Rock City, Nevada

In this episode Roger works on a landscape painting of the huge wooden Burning Man sculpture which will be burned at the end of the nine day festival. His focus is on the early morning light and how to deal with color as it recedes into the distant desert. Sarah interviews an artistic group who created a large flame throwing stainless steel structure for the event representing neurons in sculptural form.

Tavares Boat Show

Tavares, Florida

Painted on location at an antique boat show, Roger uses acrylics in the quickly fading light of day to create a classic boat on the lake. The importance of selectively choosing what to put in and what to leave out of a painting is demonstrated. Sarah tours the boat show and gets to ride in an amphibious car on the road and into the lake.

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