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Caladesi Island / The Garden / Blue Ridge Parkway

Caladesi Island / The Garden / Blue Ridge Parkway DVD

Caladesi Island

Clearwater, Florida

A beach scene on a grey day at Caladesi Island off the coast of Clearwater is where Roger sets up his easel to paint. Using acrylics, he focuses on the subtle colors of the sky in relation to the surrounding trees and beach to create harmony within the painting. Warmth in the painting was created by starting with a Burnt Sienna toned board, then using only the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue Roger shows how to mix the various shades. Arriving by boat with a friend, Sarah and Roger explore the island looking at birds, shells, and the beach on the Gulf-of-Mexico.

The Garden

Flat Rock, North Carolina

Late one evening, Roger paints a garden scene at the Highlands Lake Inn in Flat Rock, North Carolina. He sketches the subject with a brush and begins with dark passages of the painting using large areas and shapes to define the forms. The sweeping perspective of the garden adds to the composition directing the eye to the distant house. Roger finishes the painting in his studio where he describes the importance of adding the finishing touches.

Blue Ridge Parkway

North Carolina

Stopping at a viewpoint, Roger sets up his easel on the Blue Ridge Parkway to paint a distant landscape including a foreground of flowers. He begins by blocking in the large shapes and big patterns to establish the composition and then layers the variations of patterns to make up the numerous hills and valleys. Most of the texture in the painting is reserved for the foreground where intense colors are used.

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