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Castillo de San Marcos / Inside Passage / Skagway

Castillo de San Marcos / Inside Passage / Skagway DVD

Castillo de San Marcos

St. Augustine, Florida

Roger sets up his easel at the fort using a 24×36″ linen canvas. First he blocks in the large shapes to establish values and colors. Unlike oils, the quick drying acrylics can more easily be built up with
various layers of paint creating the look of stone. Roger returns on another day to finish the large painting with accents of sunlight, details on the palms and the addition of a few figures giving it scale. Sarah talks with a park ranger about the rich history of St. Augustine and the Spanish fort built of native Coquina stone.

Inside Passage

Ketchican, Alaska

Sarah and Roger cruise to Ketchican where they visit a state park featuring huge hand hewn totem poles. Back in the studio, Roger paints a view of the Alaskan shoreline on a 24×30″ linen canvas. Using oils and a limited palette of three colors, red, yellow, blue plus white, he shows how to mix all the varied shades of greens and earth tones that make up the painting.


Skagway, Alaska

Roger works in his studio and uses oils to create an 11×14″ painting of a rainy day street scene in Skagway. A brush is used to lay in the composition while explaining one point perspective and the vanishing point. Only three colors are used for the painting, red, yellow, blue plus white. Sarah boards the narrow gauge White Pass and Yukon Railroad for a steep ride up through the mountains to the Canadian border.

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