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Clark House – parts 1&2 / Farmers Field

Clark House – Parts 1&2

Palm Coast, Florida

Sarah spends time with an historian in Palm Coast Florida at the Florida Agricultural Museum learning about the pioneers who homesteaded in the 1890s. She tours the old farmhouse interior seeing how the family lived and worked along with the kitchen where pies were cooked in the wood stove and the laundry was washed on the dog trot porch.
Roger uses acrylics to paint the front of the house including a fence designed to keep the chickens in. He uses a reference photo and starts out showing how he rearranges it to better fit the composition. The painting begins with thin layers of paint to build up the subject and progresses into more detail on each step finishing with the final touches to the face, clothing, and other small details to the house and fence.

Farmers Field

Hastings, Florida

Many crops are grown in St. John’s County, Florida. Sarah will shop at the local St. Augustine farmers market and visit Hastings where Roger paints a landscape on location of a farm field and path demonstrating perspective, light and shadows, and how to create convincing atmosphere in the distance.

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