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Costa Maya / Gill Net Fishing Boat / Carousel Horse

Costa Maya / Gill Net Fishing Boat / Carousel Horse DVD

Costa Maya

Costa Maya, Mexico

On their cruise, Sarah and Roger visit the small town of Mahahual with its streets made of white sand. Traveling with the bare minimum of materials, Roger sets up on a beach chair demonstrating how painting is manageable even in challenging situations. This is a lesson in observation and how to paint the dynamics of breaking waves spilling over the shoreline rocks.

Gill Net Fishing Boat

Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Roger uses easily correctable charcoal to lay in the subject. The importance of grouping objects together in the composition is demonstrated. Only after the large masses of color are established is the detail applied. Since Roger is using acrylics and drying time is fast, features such as the portholes and rusty areas on the hull are applied without the fear of colors becoming muddy. Sarah visits a family run fishery where they process Whitefish caught fresh from Lake Superior.

The Carousel Horse

Burlington, Colorado

Sarah rides the fabulous antique carousel featuring 46 large hand-carved and painted wooden animals crafted in 1905. Roger uses acrylics back in his studio creating a soft background that will keep the horse in sharp focus. Photographs don’t always translate well into paintings so changes are made from the reference photo of the flower on the horse to better suit the painting.

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