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Cross Creek / Lanier Mansion / St. Marks Lighthouse

Cross Creek / Lanier Mansion / St. Marks Lighthouse DVD

Cross Creek

Cross Creek, Florida

This demonstration was filmed on the property of the famous author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in Cross Creek, Florida. Roger deals with light and shadow as it falls across the planes of the house. Painted on a toned board of Burnt Sienna he uses a limited palette of primary colors. First basic shapes are blocked in then Roger shows how to build each layer creating subtle differences within the larger shapes. Small details are added to the weathered siding, clothes line, and shrubs to finish. Sarah tours the Rawlings home with the park ranger and sees where “The Yearling” was written.

Lanier Mansion

Madison, Indiana

This garden scene was painted on location in acrylics using three main color areas of orange, green, and purple. Sarah visits the 1844 Greek Revival mansion with its elegantly furnished rooms and unusual spiral staircase then takes a carriage tour of the town.

St. Marks Lighthouse

St. Marks, Florida

This is an enjoyable lesson about painting a lighthouse on location. Roger breaks down the composition into thirds and explains the importance of starting with a good layout. Some muted colors are used expressly so the brighter tones of the blue water, the red roof, and the white lighthouse will have more impact by comparison. Later Roger puts the finishing touches to the painting back in his studio. Sarah finds one of those quaint and vanishing general stores that carries everything you need in the tiny town of St. Marks.

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