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El Galeón / Shore Bird Murals / Church on the Hill

El Galeón / Shore Bird Murals / Church on the Hill DVD

El Galeón

St. Augustine, Florida

For this 36×36″ painting, Roger uses oils and begins by showing an easy method for toning the canvas. Light, shadow, and reflections give the ship its form. Roger demonstrates and shares his oservations about painting convincing water. Finally the rigging details are added to finish the piece. Sarah tours the ship and talks with “Captain Pedro Menéndez” about life aboard the 170 foot vessel in 1565.

Shore Bird Murals

St. Augustine, Florida

Roger paints twenty-four 4×8′ murals of shore birds and demonstrates the use of rollers and sponge brushes to help speed the work along. Commercial sign paints are used for longevity with over exaggerated colors to help the paintings “read” well from a distance. Sarah visits the rookery at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, a favorite location for nesting birds safely perched in the treetops above the alligators.

Church on the Hill

Philipsburg, Montana

Sarah and Roger visit the quaint downtown area in the historic mining town of Philipsburg, Montana. Roger finds a scene he wants to paint later using a photograph back in his studio. He demonstrates in oils on a 24×30″ canvas the step by step process of working from dark to light and finishes by adding details to the houses and church on the hill.

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