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Florida Waterways – Part 1, 2 & 3

Florida Waterways

St. Augustine, Florida

Sarah learns about Florida waterways from the Matanzas River Keeper who monitors the health and conditions of the river. She also visits the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm to watch the action at feeding time and later learns about the alligators diet, habits and lifespan from an experienced keeper.

Roger begins a large 3×4 ft. landscape using oils to depict the magnificent Florida wetlands and begins with a wash of Burnt Sienna on the canvas to block in the composition using a brush. Roger quickly blocks in the sky and foliage working from thin to thick building up the layers as he goes all the time keeping the large shapes of the composition in tact as he adds more and more detail to achieve the finished painting. As a final tough Roger adds an Egret to the painting to create a strong center of interest.

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