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Fly Fisherman – Part 1 & 2 / Todd’s General Store

Fly Fisherman - Part 1 & 2 / Todd's General Store DVD

The Fly Fisherman – Part 1

Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Using oils on a 30×40″ linen canvas, Roger begins the painting by toning the surface with a warm tone and draws the composition using a brush. Since painting dark areas of oils over lighter tones will result in chalky looking colors, Roger first lays in all the darks before applying the details. Sarah visits a fly fisherman who demonstrates many styles of casting in the Davidson River.

The Fly Fisherman – Part 2

Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Roger continues the painting with the addition of lighter areas in the trees and rocks. The figure on the rock is carefully drawn in place where light against dark brings out his profile. Finally the addition of warm and cool colors are painted along with lights and darks to represent varied reflections, ripples, highlights and shadows on the water. Sarah talks to an expert who shows her the art of tying the flys used in catching the elusive fish.

Todd’s General Store

Todd, North Carolina

Roger sets up his easel and palette of acrylics by the side of the road to paint an early morning scene. This demonstration deals with quickly changing light, shadows, drawing, perspective, and mixing accurate colors from observation. Sarah sits on the front porch and talks with a young guitarist about his skills and listens while he plays an original composition.

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