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Glacier National Park / Vintage Airstream / Buffalo

Glacier National Park / Vintage Airstream / Buffalo DVD

Glacier National Park


Sarah and Roger visit the park and marvel at the spectacular mountain scenery and the handsome lodges including the Many Glacier Hotel where Roger photographs the subject he will paint in his studio. For this large 24×48″ painting, Roger uses oil paints and discusses the importance of brush strokes along with composition, color, values, and achieving a sense of space and depth.

Vintage Airstream

Tampa, Florida

Sarah visits a large RV show and talks with the president of the Airstream Company about the features of their travel trailers. Roger uses acrylics on location to paint a vintage airstream demonstrating the importance of getting a good start by accurately drawing and then carefully observing and placing the many color variations and reflections on the aluminum siding. The trailer is further enhanced by contrasting it with the dark background of trees.


National Bison Refuge, Montana

Sarah and Roger travel to the National Bison Refuge, one of the oldest wildlife refuges in the nation. There they make the long one way drive through the refuge stopping to view buffalo along the way. Back in the studio, using a reference photograph from the trip, Roger chooses acrylics to paint one of the buffalo showing an easy but effective technique to represent the fur of the animal. He explains how warm and cool colors help give a sense of form to the buffalo.

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