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Gloucester Dory Boats / McKenry Farm / Nassau Lighthouse

Gloucester Dory Boats / McKenry Farm / Nassau Lighthouse DVD

Gloucester Dory Boats

Gloucester, Massachusetts

This program features a studio session with Roger as he paints three colorful dory boats in oils. Light and shadow are discussed along with corresponding reflections on the water. Color is what creates the impact of this painting so the intensity is kept brilliant for the most part however subtle shades are introduced to keep the overall painting vibrant. Sarah walks along the waterfront visiting the Fisherman’s Memorial in the town square of Gloucester.

The McKenry Farm

Wahland, Tennessee

Painted on location in acrylics on a farm in Tennessee, Roger works with color and light starting with large areas and shapes establishing the foundation of the piece and later adds details to the barns. The distant atmosphere of the mountains is kept soft to create the linear perspective necessary to the painting.

The Nassau Lighthouse

Nassau, Bahamas

We travel to the Bahamas where Sarah meets a dedicated street artist and buys a painting. Back in the studio Roger completes a painting of the lighthouse working from a photograph. Particular attention is paid to the light and shadows created from the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sky on the shadow side of the ighthouse. The dark foliage and trees play an important part by
giving the painting the harsh contrast it needs on such a bright sunny day.

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