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Guitar Maker / Ojibwe Teepee / Pumpkin

Guitar Maker / Ojibwe Teepee / Pumpkin DVD

The Guitar Maker

Tryon, North Carolina

Sarah visits Jay Lichty, the fine instrument maker who explains the steps in creating his hand made guitars and ukuleles. Using a reference photo and acrylics, Roger paints a portrait of the guitar maker working from a photo that was backlit helping to simplify details and also gives the finished piece a more dramatic look. He begins with thin washes of color and then builds up the many details as the painting nears completion.

The Ojibwe Teepee

Grand Portage, Minnesota

Roger begins this demonstration in the field and reworks an entirely new painting of the same subject back in his studio where he simplifies and refines the subject even further. Sarah helps with the repair of an authentic Ojibwe Teepee built with large sheets of birch bark while visiting the Grand Portage National Monument.

The Pumpkin

Hilbert, Wisconsin

Roger uses a toned Masonite board of Burnt Sienna to create the simple shapes and texture in this painting. Begun on location, he can observe first hand the morning light then shows how to make the texture on the wooden door and rock wall look authentic. Later the painting is finished in the studio. Sarah talks with a farmer about the varieties and challenges of growing acres of pumpkins on the family farm.

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