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Hudson River / Grandfather’s House / Clapboard Island

Hudson River / Grandfather's House / Clapboard Island DVD

The Hudson River

Rhinebeck, New York

Artist James Gurney, author of several books inlcuding Dinotopia, joins Roger as they set up their easels on the bank of the Hudson to paint a classic river scene, Jim using oils and Roger using acrylics. The two artists discuss topics of color and light as the quickly changing weather and approaching lightning storm moves in. Sarah interviews Jim about his best selling books and the imaginative creations of his illustrations and paintings.

Grandfather’s House

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Filmed in Ipswich, Roger paints a hundred year old house, walled garden, and tower where Sarah’s grandparents and their six children once lived. Sarah reminisces about spending time there at the fairyland like estate which her grandfather designed and built. Roger begins his painting by sketching the scene with charcoal giving him the desired composition. He uses acrylics with an underpainting of Burnt Sienna adding warmth to the painting while he talks about the importance of values and color.

Clapboard Island

Clapboard Island, Maine

Roger and Sarah spend several days on an 80 acre private island in Maine. Roger uses acrylics to paint a colorful scene with bouys that have been washed ashore. Light and shadow are important parts of this painting as well as perspective regarding the wooden steps. The painting is finished with the addition of wild flowers growing nearby. Sarah talks with the owner of the old style “summer cottage” which has seventeen fireplaces, numerous rooms and beautiful gardens.

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