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Independence Mine / TiPi / Saddle

Independence Mine / TiPi / Saddle DVD

Independence Mine

Victor, Colorado

A trip to Victor, Colorado feels like a step back in time. Sarah visits a mercantile where the owners keep the fascinating history alive by describing the mining town and what it was like living there in the 1800’s. Roger uses oils to paint the wooden head frame built over the historic gold mine. He begins with a toned board of Burnt Sienna, building the painting starting with darks and working towards the lighter areas. Roger takes ques from the landscape but changes the colors and values to better create a mood of strength.

The TiPi

Hahns Peak Village, Colorado

Roger paints on location and demonstrates the all important blocking in process. The three primary colors are used in this painting, red, yellow, and blue plus white demonstrating how a variety of greens and other colors can be achieved with a limited palette. Later, Sarah and Roger board a train and ride up front with the engineer along the Royal Gorge Route leaving from Cañon City, Colorado.

The Saddle

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Roger sets up a western saddle in the bright mid-day sun and uses acrylics to paint the many shapes and textures that make up this subject. He begins with a toned board of Burnt Sienna and sketches the saddle using a brush, then using very dark values builds the composition later applying the lighter tones as the painting progresses. A soft out of focus background is used that will not detract from the saddle. Last of all the details and highlights are added. Sarah takes to horseback and tours the 80 acre tree ranch.

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