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Locomotive 2152 / Hay Bales / Withlacoochee River

Locomotive 2152 / Hay Bales / Withlacoochee River DVD

Locomotive 2152

New Haven, Kentucky

Roger and Sarah visit the Kentucky Railway Museum. Roger uses acrylics to paint a rusty antique locomotive with a limited palette of red, yellow, blue and Burnt Sienna. He eliminates the background to keep the focus on the textures of the engine and builds the painting by covering the area of the train with Burnt Sienna to give a base coat from which to build. Finishing touches are added in the studio. Sarah gets a first hand look in the train shop at the enormous locomotive once used by Teddy Roosevelt during his campaign for the presidency.

The Hay Bales

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Sketching the layout with a brush, Roger takes his acrylics to create this scene with simple basic shapes. He shows how to block in the major areas and then adds the refining details of light and shadow. Sarah meets with a stained glass artist in his studio. He takes her through the many steps of cutting glass and leading windows.

The Withlacoochee River

Yankeetown, Florida

Floating along the river, Roger and Sarah put down the anchor at a picturesque spot where Roger decides to paint. Using only three colors, red, yellow, and blue plus white, the amount of color decisions is simplified. Too many colors often become more confusing than helpful when painting outdoors. On their way back to home port, Sarah observes the wildlife including colorful roseate spoonbills, osprey, and alligators on the riverbank.

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