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Matanzas Waterfront / Sand Point Lighthouse / Beaver Dam

Matanzas Waterfront / Sand Point Lighthouse / Beaver Dam DVD

Matanzas Waterfront

St. Augustine, Florida

Roger demonstrates a method for composing different subjects of kayaks and children onto a beach scene in photoshop to get just the right look before painting begins. A limited palette of primary colors is used and a technique for quickly creating the pebbles on the beach is explored. Sarah takes an Eco Tour in a kayak through the estuaries around St. Augustine learning the importance of the grasses, mangroves, and birds that inhabit the shoreline.

Sand Point Lighthouse

Escanaba, Michigan

In the early morning hours, Roger captures the soft look of light in this painting. Blocking in the large forms first to establish a mood, Roger continues to build layer upon layer with smaller details of beach rocks and brightly colored flowers. Sarah tours the lighthouse built in 1867 with its rich history and cozy interior.

The Beaver Dam

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Water, reflections, and contrasting forms are the focus of this demonstration. Roger paints on location starting with large basic shapes and refining them as he goes. Since acrylics dry quickly, the layering and glazing process is made easy in the field unlike oils which take time to dry between coats. Sarah tours the artistic town and watches the dragon boat races being held in the harbor.

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