Roger Bansemer

Instructional DVDs

Monarch / Florida Citrus / Head Turner


St. Augustine, Florida

Sarah learns about the stages of the Monarch butterfly from an enthusiast who raises them on milkweed in her backyard where she has helped hundreds develop to maturity and fly away. Using acrylics Roger captures the monarchs beauty while it rests on a flowering butterfly bush.

Florida Citrus

St. Augustine, Florida

Sarah learns about the introduction of citrus to America’s oldest city, Saint Augustine Florida where the fragrance of the orange blossoms and the delicious fruit are in high demand. Sarah displays colorful desserts made with oranges lemons and limes. Roger uses oils on canvas to create a still life painting featuring oranges, blossoms and leaves and discusses color, reflected light, and gives an additional demonstration on “sub surface scattering” where light effects an object when shinning through it. View this painting in the gallery.

Head Turner

St. Augustine, Florida

Sarah finds out what a hand crafted rat rod is when a friend comes to Saint Augustine Florida for a car show. Charlie explains how he repurposed discarded car and truck parts to create his one of a kind of vehicle. Roger does a quick pencil sketch on location then heads back to the studio to paint a landscape with the St. Augustine lighthouse and the car in the background. Attention is paid to light and shadow and how to achieve texture in the foliage and the dirt road. View this painting in the gallery.

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