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One Stop Buggy Shop – Part 1 & 2 / Christiansted

One Stop Buggy Shop - Part 1 & 2 / Christiansted DVD

One Stop Buggy Shop (part 1)

Shipshewana, Indiana

Painting and Travel visit Amish country and the Miller Carriage Shop. Sarah talks with the owner of the hand built carriage business and watches the buggies being built to various stages of completion. Roger chooses to paint a landscape using acrylics on a 16×20″ board with one of the horse drawn carriages on a hilly country road. First he blocks in the large shapes to create a solid foundation to begin the painting.

One Stop Buggy Shop (part 2)

Shipshewana, Indiana

Using acrylics Roger concludes his landscape painting of a horse drawn carriage on a rolling countryside lane. Roger describes values and color and in addition he gives a short lesson showing the proper way to use perspective when creating ellipses on objects that have wheels. Sarah visits the auction house and huge flea market where many Amish shop and sell vegetables, fruits, and tasty baked goods. While speaking with a vender she learns about some changes in the Amish lifestyle that help them live in today’s world.


St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Sarah and Roger visit Christiansted on the beautiful island of St. Croix. Sarah enjoys the sights and sounds of the breezy downtown and the sunny, tropical ocean views. Roger makes a few sketches on location of an historic church he decides to paint back in the studio on a 16×20″ board. Roger uses a theatrical method to create an unusual lighting effect in the painting.

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