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Ponce de Leon Hotel / Dinosaur National Park / Hackberry on Rt. 66

Ponce de Leon Hotel / Dinosaur National Park / Hackberry on Rt. 66 DVD

Ponce de Leon Hotel

St. Augustine, Florida

Roger uses oils on a linen canvas to paint a 30×30″ rainy day scene. A dull grey-green undertone is applied to the canvas to help establish the mood. Much of the painting is light in tone with little color to give a sense of the rainyatmosphere. Roger finishes with details of the hotel, statue, and watery look of the walkway. Sarah visits the elegant hotel built by Henry Flagler in 1885, now home of Flagler College.

Dinosaur National Park

Utah and Colorado

Sarah and Roger explore an unpaved road in the park and visit the ancient Petroglyphs. Back in his studio, Roger uses acrylics to paint a stony cliff face near the entrance to the park. He uses thin washes to create texture in the finished piece.

Hackberry on Rt. 66

Hackberry, Arizona

On a 24×36″ linen canvas, Roger uses oils to paint a rusted automobile they discover when visiting a roadside stop on Route 66. The painting is thinly blocked in using mostly middle tone values with lighter and darker tones placed on top. Sarah walks around the roadside museum of Americana with its soda fountain, old cars, gas pumps, signs and other mementos from the 50’s era and before.

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