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Roses of the Biltmore / Honey Jar / Apple Time

Roses of the Biltmore / Honey Jar / Apple Time DVD

Roses of the Biltmore

Asheville, North Carolina

Roger paints a decorative flower design on a plywood table top for their motor home. The demonstration includes a method for creating leaves with one stroke of the brush. The roses are quickly and effectively created using a smiliair technique. Sarah visits the Biltmore Estate Rose Garden and talks with the rosarian who cares for more than 200 varieties of roses.

The Honey Jar

Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Sarah visits a bee keeper and learns how the honey gets from the bee to the jar, from harvesting to extracting it from the hive. Roger sets up a jar of honey with a light behind it in order to get the most out of the colors and reflections. The painting begins using a two color background of yellow and blue to help convey the glowing look of honey.

Apple Time

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Roger sets up a specially lit box to help explain the complex facets of color, shadows and reflected light on two apples. Sarah visits an apple orchard, picks apples off the tree and talks with the owner about the many tasty varieties grown on the property.

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