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Schooner / Long Driveway / Mulberry Farm

Schooner / Long Driveway / Mulberry Farm DVD

The Schooner

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Sarah and Roger visit Grand Marais on Lake Superior where Sarah visits the North House Folk School to learn about the 50′ schooner Hjørdis. Back in the studio, Roger works in acrylics to create an 18×24″ painting of the boat along the rocky shore demonstrating a technique that will quickly and easily achieve a pebbled and pitted look on the rocks, finishing the painting with the lighthouse and sloop in the background.

The Long Driveway

Roane, Indiana / Interview in Kimberly, Wisconsin

Roger paints on location using oils on a Masonite board toned with Burnt Sienna to create warmth in the painting as the green grass is applied over it. Dark tones are painted first then Roger lightens the composition as the painting progresses using the lightest tones for the road. Sarah visits the Jack Richeson Company where they manufacture oil paints from organic pigments milled and mixed in carefully monitored batches.

Mulberry Farm

Hilbert, Wisconsin

Setting up his easel in a pasture, Roger lays in the basic shapes of a large diary barn, building the painting by layering quick drying acrylics to create the textures of the barn wood and grassy areas. Sarah talks with the owner about the friendly animals and educational tours for school children.

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