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Sheep Wagon / Devils Tower / Button Factory

Sheep Wagon / Devils Tower / Button Factory DVD

The Sheep Wagon

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Roger sets up his easel on location and pays particular attention to the perspective while he paints. The demonstration covers such subjects as the importance of placing lights against darks and reflected light. Sarah goes inside the wagon for a closer look and talks with the owner about the sparse amenities and what life was like tending sheep.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Painted at the foot of Devils Tower, Roger uses acrylics first laying out the composition with a brush then blocks in the large patterns of the surrounding hillside. He includes a sizeable tree in the foreground and talks about the use of transparent paints to get rich dark colors. Sarah meets Frank Sanders, an experienced rock climber and guide who has scaled the tower over 2000 times.

The Button Factory

Bellevue, Iowa

Setting up his easel on the bank of the Mississippi River, Roger works quickly to get the long shadows on the side of the old button factory in the quickly fading evening light using warm and cool colors over a toned board of Burnt Sienna. With fast drying acrylics Roger is able to layer the colors on the wall to create a stippled look of old cement. Sarah visits Lock Number 12 and talks with the Lock Master about its operation and the importance of the barge traffic on the river.

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