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Souix Moccasins / Antique Saloon Lantern / Rota the Lion

Souix Moccasins / Antique Saloon Lantern / Rota the Lion DVD

Souix Moccasins

Hulett, Wyoming

Sarah visits the studio and museum of artist Bob Coronato where he shows her his fabulous collection of rare Indian and Cowboy artifacts. Roger uses a reference photograph taken at the museum to paint a pair of Souix moccasins. Beginning with thin washes and then building up the image, he gives the look of leather with the beads being added last.

Antique Saloon Lantern

Hulett, Wyoming

Artist Bob Coronato explains the complex process of creating etchings on plates and shows Sarah examples of his incredibly intricate work. While at Bob’s studio Roger spots an antique saloon lantern and decides to paint a similar one in his studio as a still life. Proper lighting is a challenge so Roger demonstrates the importance of the set up in order to bring out subtle reflections of the glass chimney and brass base getting the most out of the subject.

Rota the Lion

St. Augustine, Florida

Roger sets up his easel in the Lightner Museum after hours and paints the taxidermist lion, “Rota”. She was given to Winston Churchill as a cub during World War II and became a mascot. Sarah talks with the curator about the lion and several other items in the museum. Finding it difficult to paint among the display cases, Roger starts the painting again in his studio demonstrating a technique with brushwork that gives the fur a lifelike look.

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