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Summer Roses / Bird House / Emert’s Cove

Summer Roses / Bird House / Emert's Cove DVD

Summer Roses

Clapboard Island, Maine

Oils were chosen for this studio painting. The cool light reflected from the sky gives the fence its soft shade of blue which contrasts favorably with the warm pink of the roses. A dark background is placed in the painting to help highlight the pale roses. Roger uses an impressionistic approach to this painting and shows how to suggest the flowers without the need to create lots of detail. Sarah visits a charming old rose garden on Clapboard Island.

The Bird House

Zirconia, North Carolina

Using acrylics, Roger paints a bird house on a fence post explaining techniques for creating texture on the light and shadow sides of the wood. For contrast, dark leaves were added to the light side of the bird house and conversely light leaves were added on the
dark side. The painting is started in the field and finished in the studio where Roger adds a small bird and other details. Sarah visits the mountain studio of Rolf Holmquist, builder of artistic bird houses.

Emert’s Cove

Pittman Center, Tennessee

Painted on location with acrylics, this landscape focuses on the subject of contrasting and intensity of color in relation to distance. More intense colors are placed in the foreground and recede to less intense colors in the background giving a sense of depth to the painting. The cattle were added in the studio to create another point of interest. Sarah enjoys a walk through the nearby covered bridge and down to the Little Pigeon River.

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