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Torreon / Santa Fe / OZ

Torreon / Santa Fe / OZ DVD

The Torreon

Lincoln, New Mexico

Filmed in Lincoln, New Mexico where the infamous Lincoln County War took place, Sarah gets a first hand look at the courthouse where Billy the Kid was held prisoner, escaped and shot two deputies. On a chilly morning, Roger uses acrylics to paint the nearby Torreon used by early Spanish settlers for protection against Apache raids. Roger demonstrates the use of warm and cool colors along with subtle values to create the round form.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Artist David Darrow joins Roger in the Santa Fe countryside where they set up to paint a landscape. David uses oils while Roger uses acrylics discussing the difference in the two mediums and how they each approach the subject with composition and color. Sarah visits one of the well known galleries on Canyon Road and talks with the owner about Western art.


Wamego, Kansas

Roger uses oils to paint a 100 year old feed store beside the railroad tracks in a small Kansas town. The harsh light of the midday sky makes this painting demonstration a good study in color, values, and contrast. Sarah visits the nearby Wizard of Oz Museum with the curator and walks through the delightful collection of memorabilia including a pair of ruby slippers.

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