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Yellow House / Shrimp Boat / White Rose

Yellow House / Shrimp Boat / White Rose DVD

The Yellow House

Cayman Islands

Sarah and Roger visit the Cayman Islands and in the early morning hours, Roger sets up his easel on the beach. Using acrylics he decides on the layout for a pleasing composition after several changes. By carefully choosing the colors, Roger creates a light and airy tropical look for the yellow
cottage against the brilliant blue Caribbean sky. Sarah tours the downtown shopping area and boards a 16th century style frigate ship for a pirate adventure.

The Shrimp Boat

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Roger paints two weather worn shrimp boats in Tarpon Springs, Florida demonstrating how to create the many rich textures both on wooden and metal hull boats. He also shows how to achieve the realistic looking reflections in the water. Sarah tours the unique Greek fishing village, samples a Greek salad, and boards a sponge boat to see how sponges are harvested.

The White Rose

Wilmette, Illinois

Acrylics are used in this painting of a small white rose done on location in the gardens at the Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois. Roger explains the effects of color when light is passing through objects such as leaves and petals and keeps the painting loose to give a painterly look. Sarah visits the unique architecturally designed building and learns about the Bahá’í Faith.

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