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Painting & Travel

Painting & Travel, “takes you places you want to see and puts them on canvas”, and is independently produced by filmmakers Sarah and artist, Roger Bansemer. Visit or to find out when “Painting & Travel” is airing in your area.

Since 2011, Painting and Travel has been proudly distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), one of the major distributors of programming to public television stations across the United States.

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Season 3 Episode 8
Filmed in Ipswich, MA

I watch your show on PBS great program. I’ve been painting out doors 1 1/2 years. I drove a concrete truck for Rinker in Florida 28 yrs and after retirement I took up painting. I will keep watching and learning.

– David Stoltz

I have been following yours and Sarah’s adventures on PBS for about 6 months now and really enjoy your platform. And thanks to you and Sarah for the inspiration.

– John Keebler, St. Cloud fl.

Roger Bansemer

I never get bored of painting and I don’t limit myself to any one subject. All throughout childhood I painted and have never stopped. I like using acrylics and oils. Our filming has brought us all over the U.S. including Alaska, as well as the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Just to let you know how much I enjoy your show on PBS. I don’t know if you realize it but when watching on a regular basis people begin to think of you as family. While being fascinated with the tutorial on painting I become a little envious of your travels.

– Bob deBin

Sarah Bansemer

I enjoy enhancing the learning experience by taking viewers to visit the places and subjects that Roger paints. We have produced 143 half-hour programs that air on more than 300 stations nationally.

We were fascinated by the orchid video. Learned so much! Sarah did a super job coming up with great questions on the fly for the interview.

– James Gurney

Viewers say...

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your show . You both do a get job on your travels , the history of each. You have helped me see things I never could , you work is awesome. Thank you so much.

– Frankie

Enjoyed learning the process. Shared with other artists in the Sacramento area

– David Scholz

We spend hours watching you paint on tv. My husband used to paint and you are an inspiration for him at age 87. Your fans,

– Bob and Linda Kuennen

My name is Jon Bishop and I, along with my father in law, are fans of your paintings, your style, and your teaching ability. He enjoyed the detail you captured in that painting and has been sharpening his skills to portray the life you bring in your paintings.

– Jon Bishop

Hello Roger and Sarah. I watched your Ketchikan episode for the first time today and so much enjoyed it. That is one place that I so much hope to visit one day. I also just adored that beautiful pastoral painting you did on that episode. Those are mainly the painting themes that I do, that and seascapes. I also want to tell you how much I have always loved your show opening! I make sure that I am in front of the TV just before it starts so I don’t miss any of it! I love the music and the various scenes shown of past programs. I also always so much enjoy Sarah’s segments.

– Linda Persson, Tulsa, OK

I watched your pumpkin show this a.m., and being a retired stone, brick and concrete union mason i was so impressed how you made the stone background……its been 2 yrs since i painted and finally getting off my butt…great watching you and your wife on Tuesday morning before I feed the horses.

– David Szymansk

 I watch your class on PBS Farmington Michigan and I Love your work. It’s beautiful.

– Linda Renich

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your videos. They are such an inspiration to me. When I’m not really in the mood to paint, but I have spare time, I click up one of your videos and within no time, I’m ready to paint the world! You have a real gift. Not just as a painter but as somebody who can really inspire others. That’s something not a lot of people can do. I’d love to see what you would do with the area I live, Fingerlakes NY. Thanks again. Keep up the great work you do.

– Max Root – Homer, NY

It’s a good watch and I am still fascinated as to how people paint so well. The idea of a painting travelogue fascinates me and could be a winner for you – because many people can paint but they can’t film to the level required to achieve the effect. You can. If you start making better videos than me I shall be very annoyed.

– Mike McKimm, correspondent for BBC Northern Ireland

Your DVD has hit a motivating chord with my wife Maurine. Yesterday morning, Maurine, having gone over your DVD with me two times the previous evening, asked to borrow my brushes, a canvas, and my acrylics.

– Charley Morgan, yacht designer –Maderia Beach, Florida

I came across your work on the internet. I hope you put more demos online as they are so helpful to me and I’m sure lots of others. I’m planning to start following one of your other demos soon. My husband Tom bought me some acrylic paints yesterday so I’m ready to start. I am going on 60 and will be checking your site often for updates.
– Sheryl Edwards, Perth Australia

Found your painting demos by chance and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I was to take a workshop in Gibsons B.C. this summer in acrylic but I wasn’t able to do it. I’d purchased a bunch of acrylic paints etc. and didn’t have the foggiest clue how to begin. They seemed so different from the oils I usually paint in. You completely took the mystery out of it for me. Your demos are a pleasure to watch, the pace is good and I love that you include the beautiful surrounding scenery as well. It feels like someone gave me a gift. Thank you so much for the putting these online. It is so generous on your part.

– Tracey Mardon – Edmonton, Alberta

Fellow artist and member of a small online forum, pointed me to your demo on St. Marks Lighthouse. She thought I would enjoy not only your talent, but have a brief “visit” to a beautiful place. Your pleasant speaking voice, your style of painting and explaining, the beauty of St. Marks, all combined to give me a wonderful experience this early morning! Along with my apricot tea, sitting in my recliner and viewing your demo on my laptop just gave me a great start to a day I hope to spend painting! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent and for doing so without charge.

-Lyn Cherry – Maryville, Tennessee

I’m a British painter, mostly in oil and acrylic, occasionally watercolour. I don’t make a full-time living out of it, but am rather hoping to, one of these days. So I’ve watched many video demonstrations, looking for inspiration, ideas, encouragement, and technical guidance. I’ve just watched one of your videos and have learned more from it than from any single demonstration I’ve seen before – I actually took notes, which is a thing I’m rarely inspired to do. Its one thing to know about techniques, but to see them employed in a small painting like this helped a great deal – the information was concentrated into around 27 minutes and really, it was all there, everything you need to know, readily absorbable. And your clear, concise commentary, obviously made at the time, was crucial – forgive a slight rave, but I really did think this was exceptionally useful, and I shall be returning to your excellent site again. Thank you very much! I’d have paid good money for that…With best wishes,

– Robert Jones – Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Love your videos. I watch them over and over. I too paint outdoors with acrylics. Keep the videos coming…they are very helpful. You explain everything.

–Paul Ciuppap, New Jersey

I have had the pleasure of knowing many talented people. I am always amazed at your ability to frame things so delightfully. Your painting video is so much more satisfying to watch than my high definition TV. Even though teams of people and gobs of money have been spent, they typically fall far short of your work. How a fellow with a camera and home editing equipment can produce this level of product is beyond belief.

– Harvey Kerstein, Clearwater, Florida

I was surfing the web today and lucky me, I found your website and your wonderfully informative videos and artwork that are, to put it simply-fantastic. Your superb renderings of the beauty of nature are truly inspiring. And, not only do you have a wondrous talent in the flick of your wrist with a loaded brush, but your musings and ability to convey techniques of the trade in an easy to understand language are also Kodak of your inner heart. I just had to let you know your work inspires me to try harder and harder. Thanks for all the wonderful videos. I’ve had 30 years of learning and your 30 minute videos taught me that there is much more to learn

– Ginger Jamerson, Virginia

Your videos have been extremely helpful to me as an artist. I have approached acrylics again (after leaving them in high school; many years ago!), and just watching you work is invaluable in my efforts. I also wanted to thank you for your blog. I read it faithfully, and have taken many of the entries to heart. When I get discouraged, I re-read your postings, and find inspiration to continue. I have followed your career over the years, and I have always admired your artwork. Even the smallest of tips (“Light Leans Towards Color”) reveals your insight.

– Michael Brugh, Mobile Alabama

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing expert knowledge with me. The plein air demonstrations are worth there weight in gold to myself as an artist.

– Margot McCartney- Towanga South-Victoria Australia

I have watched your latest demonstration and enjoyed as usual. I have a collection of many American artist videos and you are one of my favorite. I am an award winner artist and I always get inspired by your techniques. I desperately wait for your latest addition.

– Mohammed Tahir – Pakistan

Keep posting your excellent videos, with their succinct and intelligent advice – so different from the vague and haphazard guidance more commonly available. It’s not often that one finds excellent technical information and such high artistic standards coinciding in this way.

-Robert Jones – Niton Undercliff, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

It’s enjoyable to see a husband and wife working together in a loving and supportive way.

– Linda Reynolds

Your willingness to share your techniques and working style has been a wonderful gift. Thank-you for your generosity and the help you’ve given to untrained hobbyists like me. Seeing the paint being applied is so much more helpful than static images in a book.

– Dave – Washington DC

I really have enjoyed watching your demonstrations. I had given up on painting on site with acrylics until I happened onto your demos. After watching your methods, I incorporated them into my process and am now back to painting landscapes on site. I look forward to each of your demos.

– Dave Webb – Tulsa, Oklahoma

First, let me start by saying how much I enjoy your art and your videos. You have a unique style that captures what I perceive to be the true essence of the places you’ve painted. I’m not sure what it is, but when I view your paintings I am immediately more relaxed. Likewise, you are a great teacher as evidenced by your videos.

– Steve Davis – Ypsilanti, Michigan

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be watching tomorrow morning at 5:30 here in Rhode Island.

– Janie Deptula

Thanks for sharing. All of your how and why series have been so great.

– Carol W

Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer Love watching you on JAX PBS

– Dawud Judah

You have been my inspiration from years back through your TV series and videos that I have purchased. Painting requires you to think and learn and is so rewarding.

– Wayne Aycock

I wanted to briefly share with you my experience of learning to paint in (semi) retirement, and how your Painting & Travel videos have helped me. As a youth, I had done a little bit of drawing and enjoyed it, but I always avoided painting because I have moderate red-green color blindness. In 2016, after my wife and I completed a Route 66 trip to the Southwest, I was inspired to try painting a couple of the photos I had taken of the wonderful Southwestern scenery. I wasn’t at all happy with my results, so I stopped and didn’t touch a brush for the next seven years. At some point during those seven years, my wife and I discovered your Painting & Travel videos on our local PBS station (WTTW in Chicago). We watched a great many of them and thoroughly enjoyed them! You do a really great job of explaining your approach and the little choices you make as you work through the painting! Last fall an artist friend was visiting and saw one of those 2016 painting attempts I had made and encouraged me to keep painting. I started painting again last November, and this time around I have been using several of the techniques and approaches I have seen you use in your videos: sketching the composition, blocking in the main areas right away, and getting the canvas covered before working on detail. Using your approach of getting the painting off to a good start has really helped me because I can adjust colors before investing a lot of time in details. Also, in your videos you frequently mention how colors are “warm” or “cool.” I had never thought about color that way before. My color deficiency is still a struggle, but thinking in terms of warm or cool (particularly with greens – my biggest weakness) has helped a lot. I am now enjoying painting much more and I am a lot happier with my results! Thank you, Roger and Sarah, for your excellent Painting & Travel videos! Best wishes to you both,

– Mark Evett

I so look forward to turning on the TV or opening my e-mails to find a message or sharing a travel event from you and Sarah. I and have learned soooo much from your instruction. I’m 77 years young and started painting 7 years ago. He was quite the “Bob Ross” admirer so I brought his paints home and began with television and his instructional book collection. When I came across you on PBS I knew I wanted to learn so much more but understand what and why I was doing it. Thanks for your gentle instruction. Your DVD’s go with me in my motorhome and I share what I have learned with anyone who will listen. I love the vibrance of oils but not to good to travel with so I’m making myself enjoy and improve my acrylic art.

– Yvonne Hillmann – California

Love watching and listening to great instruction! THANK YOU BOTH.

– Karen Hope

First I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy your PBS travel and painting series. It’s so interesting and I love the painting segments. Plus I’ve learned a lot from you, Roger. Today I watched the program on the guitar maker and the portrait painting which was fabulous.

– Eva Gotz, Fernandina Beach. FL

Just a short note to let you know that I find your online demo videos most instructive and a joy to watch paintings come to life. I think you may be the only artist that takes so much time and energy in producing joy for others. I watch your videos not once but repeatedly because, as I said, they are extremely instructive. Many thanks.

– Jerome O’Conner- Brick Township, New Jersey

They are tremendous, absolutely breathtaking, very relaxing and interesting much like a travelogue.

– Kate Fox – Director of Enhanced Programming -Tampa Bay News 9

Stumbled across your videos and have been hooked ever since. I’m learning more by watching your videos than I ever did from reading any art books. I hope you continue making these great videos.

– Dean Anderson, Pennsylvania

I have watched about all your videos now and all I can say is Wow! So good and so informative, easy to follow and down right enjoyable!

-Dee Crider – Alabama

I’ve spent the last half hour viewing the painting video demonstration “In the Garden.” I learned a great deal from it. Seeing an artist paint is like hearing an author read his own work; when the author reads with conviction, purpose, and strength in their voice, it comes through loud and clear. The same can be said for your video.

– Mary Kelly, St. Petersburg

Your tapes demonstrate a gentleman who cares. I was in investments/advertising and see a natural message in your tapes which could appeal to the Older generation and children. Permit me? eg: MESSAGE; Relax in your chair, learn to see, learn to enjoy color (even if it is not in nature) and take an “emotionally exciting trip”. There are thousands more people just waiting for you, Roger. Also, the economy can use your positive message.

– Ron Sammann, Modesto, CA

Seriously, I’ve taken classes and paid for hours of individual instruction, but I’ve learned more from your videos than one on one with any other artists. I even stop and look or back up to watch you render specific details. Watching you paint has helped me tremendously. Again, I just want you to know how much you have helped me. Now I can’t wait to paint… after 25 years of struggling. It is fun to paint again and I look forward to the process rather than looking at a painting with dread or fear or just wishing I were done. Once again, thank you very much and I look forward to learning more from your travels and painting demos.

– John Ballbach – Clearwater, Florida

I was enthralled with your paintings and have much enjoyed watching your painting videos. I am new to painting, and I now have a new appreciation and insight as to why I found such enjoyment in looking at your art.

– Barbara Budan, North Carolina

I have been introducing my artist friends to your painting videos on Video Google. You now have quite a fan club in Colchester.

-Kerry Harris, Colchester, UK

Just a short note to let you know that I find your online demo videos most instructive and a joy to watch your paintings come to life. I think you may be the only artist that takes so much time and energy in producing joy for others. I watch your videos not only once but repeatedly because, as I said, they are extremely instructive. Many thanks.

-Jerome O’Conner – Brick Township, New Jersey

I’m a professional painter and art teacher here in Rio de Janeiro. I discovered your marvelous site, and your terrific videos, that was extremely useful for me.

– Sergio Chermont/ Rio de Janeiro

Wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your site, especially the videos. It’s nice of you to share your insight and knowledge with the rest of us. I watch them almost daily and continue to pick up a little something new each time. After finding your site earlier this year, I was inspired to pick up a brush again after many years and start painting again, trying my hand at acrylics. Thanks again for your wonderful web site and video teaching. Even though I never met you guys in person it was like sitting together with old friends.

– Mike Romero – Carencro, Louisiana

I am 61 years old and have only discovered the joy of drawing and painting in the last 18 months. I have been struggling with building my paintings and watching your videos turned a light on for me. I am now approaching each painting attempt with renewed enthusiasm and believe I have a path to follow in these early learning stages. I enjoy landscapes and really like your style and “feel” and will use your videos as a guide to establishing my own style. I have decide to become a mature age student, aiming for my Diploma in Visual Arts, commencing this year – it’s never to late! Thank you again for the assistance you have made available to me and the enthusiasm you have awakened in me.

– Peter Smith – Brisbane, Australia

Emailed after filming a program at the Marjorie Kinnan Rowlings State Park Dear Roger and Sarah, I sorely missed you at the park today. In just two days you managed to renew my enthusiasm for my park by seeing it through your eyes. I have had many memorable times at the MKR farm, but your visit ranks right up there at the top. It isn’t often that our visitors immerse themselves in the beauty and understand the creative energy that is there to be felt. We have so many “fly by” tourists who, after 20 minutes, are gone. To witness and participate in your project was an absolute delight for me. Both of you embraced the place, and endured the inhospitable environment, all for the sake of making fine art. I am proud to have been able to participate in your production. Keep doing what you do, and know there are many who support your efforts. Hope to see you again soon. Let’s not be strangers.

– Sheila Barnes – Park Ranger