Roger Bansemer

Carabelle Marsh Late Afternoon

Carrabelle Marsh Late Afternoon

Sarah and I were in the Panhandle of Florida filming several new shows for our television series and we filmed one of the shows here at this marsh in Carabelle. I used only three colors plus white. Ultramarine blue, Indian yellow, and alizarin crimson which were all transparent colors.

Note: some manufactures make colors such as Indian yellow that are opaque meaning they are full of white. They may do that to cut costs but just be sure to read the label if you need transparent colors.

It was late afternoon when I painted this and the warm sunlight put a beautiful glow on the marsh and several of the distant buildings bringing attention to that part of the composition. For our PBS television show I also did a larger version of this painting  in the morning hours when the light was coming from the opposite direction.

5.5 x 14"/ acrylic on board