Little Cumberland Island from the beach


The two islands, Cumberland Island and Little Cumberland Island are split by a narrow winding salt water pass called Christmas Creek that runs from the ocean through the marshlands on the inland side of the island. Cumberland Island is owned by the State and Little Cumberland is privately owned. The lighthouse sits at the very northern tip of Little Cumberland Island and looks over towards Jekyll Island. It’s the last lighthouse on our trip and the most southern lighthouse in Georgia. Originally called the St. Andrews lighthouse as it faces St. Andrews sound, the name was changed after the Civil War. The lighthouse stands only sixty feet high and has been out of service since 1915. Hidden behind a large sand dune, only the top part of the lighthouse can be seen from the shore. If the dunes roll over any more from the blowing sands, the lighthouse will disappear in the dune itself. When I was there the towering dune was almost touching the door of the lighthouse waiting to engulf it. It’s not an easy lighthouse to get to. First of all, the entire Little Cumberland Island is private property and from my experience, just about impossible to get permission to walk up to the light. It isn’t far from the shore however, and anyone is free to stroll the beach up to the high water line and that will put you within a couple hundred feet of the light.

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