The Torreon

The Torreon was a fortress used before the United States was a country. When the town was invaded by Indians everyone retreated here until they left. The walls back then was 10 feet high as well. I did this painting in the early morning and it was quite cold. The light and especially the reflected blue light from the sky was quite nice to see and paint. The most interesting part of this town however is that it was where Billy-the-Kid lived during the Lincoln County Wars. It was here in Lincoln, New Mexico that he was also jailed and waiting to be hung when he shot and killed two deputies and escaped. We got to visit and film in the courthouse/jail where that all took place and I think it made one of our most interesting programs for our PBS television series “Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer.”

8 x 10" original painting by Roger Bansemer / acrylic on board / unframed