Roger Bansemer

Titanic Expedition – Titanic’s Last Stop

My Expedition to Titanic
Decades of work as an artist and author got me an invitation to join an expedition to the Titanic wreck site in the North Atlantic. In the year 2000, I became the 112th person to dive to the Titanic inside the Mir I Russian submersible, the sixth person under Titanic’s stern, and the first artist ever to have painted Titanic on site. Again in 2005, I had the privilege of joining a second expedition and this time I was armed with a limited selection of paints and brushes so I could paint on location adding finishing touches to this Titanic bow scene while actually hovering over it. Visiting the Titanic’s resting place inspired a book describing that unforgettable time, Journey to Titanic. I was able to put my feelings about the experience in writing as well as into my artwork.

Film maker James Cameron wrote the foreword for my book. Here’s an excerpt: “It was the tradition, in the days before photography was invented, for the great expeditions of the age of exploration to take with them an artist to chronicle their journey and the things they found.”

“Roger’s images and words will allow the reader to feel as if they have been on the voyage themselves, spent time with these people, and made the ultimate deep dive to the grave of the great liner herself. No one who sees the wreck of Titanic leaves that place unchanged, and this book conveys that experience beautifully.”

I also made a video of my time on board ship to share with those who are interested and love Titanic’s mystery.


Overall size including dive stamps 10 x 11" / Acrylic on illustration board / Framed

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