Oil Paints & Brushes

Roger Bansemer Oil Paint Set

Here is the set of oil paints and oil brushes I prefer to work with and have found to be of excellent quality.

Richeson oil paints
This set combines the oil colors I most often use to create a painting. Included are: Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Yellow Ochre. Why these colors? This set has the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue and each of these are broken down into warm and cool. For instance a cool red and a warm red. With just these primaries, I mix everything I need for most paintings including all the greens. The three additional earth colors of Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Yellow Ochre can actually be closely mixed with the primary colors but it does take some time, so these earth colors become a convenience when trying to more easily mix that certain shade you’re looking for.

Here's a video showing how these paints are made.

Roger Bansemer Brushes for Oil Painting

Roger Bansemer Brushes for Oil Painting

The brushes in this set are by far the best quality I've ever used. I've had these same brushes for years and they simply don't wear out. This set also comes with a jar of studio soap for cleaning brushes.

Roger Bansemer Brushes for Oil Painting

Acrylic brushes - Bansemer field set

Acrylic Brushes - Field Set including paper palette pad

Acrylic brushes- Field Set

Acrylic Brushes - Studio Set including paper palette pad

I’ve created two sets of brushes here. One I call the “Field Set” with 8 brushes
and the other “Studio Set” with 12 brushes.

These quality nicely balanced brushes are rugged, last a long time, and simply feel good. Remember…you can’t do good paintings with a bad brushes!

Also included in these sets are jar of Studio Soap¬† which is great for cleaning and preserving brushes after use and a 9×12″ grey colored paper palette pad with 50 sheets.