There are no workshops scheduled at the moment because of the virus. 

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A Roger Bansemer Workshop offers students of art an opportunity to focus on color, shapes, and design in a comfortable, learning atmosphere. Conversational demonstrations of every instructional phase makes art happen easily and well on the canvesses of attendees. Hands-on guidance allows both aspiring and experienced artists to acquire or develop skills at a relaxed but steady pace. A successful artist and producer of fine art and art instruction for television, Roger knows and shares the many "secrets" that turn out to be not that mysterious after all. Plain language and professional instruction.

"Roger conducts a superb acrylic workshop. In a relaxed atmosphere, he packed each day with excellent art instruction through demonstrations and lots of personal attention. Best workshop I have ever had the privilege of attending."

I am one of your St. Augustine workshop attendees who wishes to express how much I enjoyed the time with you and Sarah. It was one of my most favorite painting experiences and the best workshop opportunity I have had. Thank you for such a fun experience and for sharing so freely your expertise. The entire weekend was planned beautifully and the paint-a-long was especially effective. It brought us all together and I learned by watching and trying to duplicate. Each time you visited my easel, your help was explicit and timely. I appreciated your presence and attention even during lunch. I learned countless painting tips and my painting skills were immensely enhanced. I thought I had value down and maybe I did in my head. But you showed me how to persist in translating it from the eye to the hand. Please include me on your first to notice list for the next workshop. Enjoy your travels and I look forward to seeing your adventures on PBS.

Workshop Paintings

Here are a few of the demonstration paintings from past workshops.